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rain rain go away that's what all my haters say.
HELP ME. I really want/need to lean out my thighs… Anybody have any tips?? I also want to increase my vertical but not get huge calves… Is that possible?


Ugh. Got my period today, at least I’m not pregnant.. But I look like it considering the shit I ate due to it….

I hate my period.

loosing at least 33lbs, going from 176.6lbs to 142lbs, being 5’8, participating in volleyball almost everyday after school, and still being told to loose weight by an anonymous formspring whore. When will it EVER be enough.
Trying to loose weight on your period is just something that will never work out…..

I hate it.

So basically I’m starting a new journey and it’s going to be a hell of a lot tougher than my first one therefore I’m going to take my current stats and make them my starting weight and delete the previous information just so I REALLY start over.
food journal #1

I’ve decided I am going to write down what I eat so i can see how unhealthy I’m really eating. I promise I won’t hold back, and you guys shouldn’t either, if I eat something shitty, I want you to TELL ME, it would help me SO MUCH.

November 7, 2011


Geleson’s mixed strawberries and blueberries, but I only ate the strawberries.

1 cup of Chobani Honey flavored Yogurt (170 cal)

Drink: Honey Green Tea


"Pops" Salt and Vinegar Chips (100 cal)

1 bag of apples

1 bag of carrots

1 bag of heart shaped pretzels

1 piece of lettuce

1 GROSS/DISGUSTING sandwich from the student store at my school, It had chicken, some gross cheese, some fucking gross spicy sauce, and some fucking onions.. i hate onions.

^not an excuse but, I was going to eat a caesar salad without cheese or croutons with minimal dressing, but the fucking salad was like fucked up and didnt have the dressing in it, and i just couldnt eat it… 


Drink: Water

Panera Sandwich…

1 half of a turkey on wheat with tomato and lettuce only

1 cup of tomato soup

1 half of a chicken artichoke panini

Drink: Water

Exercise: Volleyball Game lasted like 45 minutes- 1 hour

Snack(s): 4-6 bags of apples

Exercise: 200 squats


After doing this i realized how much i actually ate and holy fuck… I understand why I’m not getting better, I’m eating like a COW. This must end.

Now, any thoughts, comments, or concerns please write me.